Snoop Dogg To Appear In NFT Comic Books πŸ”₯

    I'm sure we're not the only ones who have ever pondered how Snoop Dogg has managed to remain relevant beyond his music career, and so on; today's edition of Snoop can do everything. But, first, he's scheduled to appear in an NFT comic book.


    Snoop Dogg, the rapper hyphenate, will feature on a series of NFT comic book covers, according to the newest news from the NFT universe. Several music legends have been more open to the virtual world than others, with Snoop Dogg at the vanguard of the partnership between the music business and the digital assets field. He declared in February, after becoming the owner of Death Row Records, that he planned to turn the company into the first NFT label. Snoop Dogg released an NFT collection titled “A voyage with the Dogg” in 2021. The collection was about Snoop Dogg’s recollections from his past years in the digital realm. The rapper will appear on five different covers of “Supercuzz,” a comic book series published by MakersPlace, a cryptocurrency marketplace. MakersPlace is well-known for its genuine and unusual digital artworks.

    BossLogic teams up with Snoop to produce the Collection πŸ”₯

    Snoop Dogg is set to portray the main character, a superhero who saves the day in the fictitious “Angel City.” The artwork in the NFT collection was created by BossLogic, a well-known graphic designer who has collaborated with Marvel and Disney to generate official movie posters for the Avengers, comic book covers, and more. Snoop Dogg plays Supercuzz, a superhero who grew up in the streets of “Angel City.” Snoop Dogg’s character, Suppercuzz, is a self-made crypto-trillionaire by day, and at night, he is out on the streets, smoking the forces of evil and weeding out criminality. According to the announcement, the rapper’s son, Cordell Broadus, is in charge of the artistic direction of the five innovative covers. Additionally, Snoop Dogg is scheduled to edit unique speech animations for the NFT drop and additional five visual stills. The following are the titles of the animation drops:

    • SUPERCUZZ #2: Break Bread or Fake Dead
    • SUPERCUZZ #3: Believe in the S You’ll Be Relieving Your Stress
    • SUPERCUZZ #4 : Enter The PIMP CAVE

    The NFT series will serve as an introduction to Suppercruzz, and the exploits of the character will pave the way for a whole new paradigm of fan involvement in the comic book genre in Web3. “Snoop Dogg and BossLogic are two legendary forces in their respective professions and pioneers in the NFT area,” said MakersPlace CEO Craig Palmer. “We’re thrilled to host the launch of the SUPERCUZZ collection on MakersPlace and provide art aficionados with the opportunity to purchase NFTs from their favorite producers.” Snoop Dogg was quite active in the NFT community last year. In 2021, he confessed that he was the proprietor of the prominent NFT Twitter account @CozomoMedici. The NFT collections were released on Thursday, March 17, 2022, at 3:30 p.m. PDT.


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