Bitcoin towards $48,000 on Tuesday 😍

    Performance. After finally crossing the $44,000 mark on Monday, Bitcoin crossed $47,600 on Tuesday. Enough to predict a price of more than 48,000 dollars in the coming hours. The bull market finally launched?


    Of course, we will avoid any speculation. If Bitcoin also breaks the $47,000 line, we must not forget the volatility of the markets. Cryptocurrencies are still far from a real bull market. That would require a very big Bitcoin performance at at least $48,500 this week. An interesting first support for the currency.

    The logical next step would obviously be $50,000, which is also a big support for Bitcoin. Two supports to watch two closely that could also give rise to a range market.

    Indeed, as was the case during this first quarter, Bitcoin evolved in a range market between 34,500 and 44,000 dollars. It has built its bull market, and could again go through a range phase, this time between 44,000 and 48,000/50,000 dollars.

    Altcoins on fire πŸ˜›

    The positive point of this advance in Bitcoin remains the general progress of the cryptocurrency market. The entire market gained 1.25% on the day to pass the 2.15 trillion dollar mark.

    In terms of currencies, Ethereum (ETH) breaks the barracks with 2.61% taken, and a course at 3400 dollars. The Binance Coin (BNB) passes the 435 dollars with 0.24% taken when the Ripple (XRP) takes 0.76% to pass the 0.8920 dollars per coin.

    The big performance of the day is to put on the side of Terra (LUNA) which takes more than 9% today to pass the 104 dollars per coin. The Avalanche also exploded the counters with 3.09% taken and a price close to 100 dollars at 94.50 dollars.

    Image source André François McKenzie 🎯

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    Lucas Jackson
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