PancakeSwap and NFT, a duo to follow πŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈ

    Offering NFTs for a few months, the leading DeFI site PancakeSwap on the BSC could once again revolutionize the cryptocurrency market. A bet all the more on a young and ultra-speculative market that could pay off.


    Always offering more innovations, the leader of DeFI on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) could quickly hit the jackpot with its NFT collections. Built on an innovative model specific to the brand, the NFTs on PancakeSwap want above all to democratize the trading of these tokens on the BSC.

    An innovation since until then, the largest NFT merchants turned to the Ethereum (ETH) or Polygon (Matic) blockchain, as is particularly the case for OpenSea, the leader in the field.

    By offering NFTs on an altchain like the BSC, PancakeSwap (CAKE) continues to position itself as a leader and trend setter, following the market and anticipating it with its teams like few of its competitors. A good point, but which today faces a complex situation since both BNB and CAKE have been losing points on the market for almost 6 months. Something that inevitably impacts transactions.

    What about NFTs on Pancake? πŸ‘€

    PancakeSwap price Saturday January 29, 2022
    Fall of PancakeSwap for 6 months πŸ“‰

    First of all, the collections offered remain very classic and focused on the PancakeSwap model. Innovative but always in a reliable and defined editorial line which could eventually no longer find its audience.

    NFTs on offer lose as many points as they gain each day. The resale is still very speculative, which indicates a rather moderate attraction on the part of investors who wish to earn money quickly. Price battles are still rare, a sign that no rating is truly defined and reliable. ⚠️

    It will therefore be necessary to find ways to constantly stimulate prices, because while trading volumes remain very good, constant and regular declines would indicate an overall lack of attractiveness, but more still a problem of business model for the BSC giant.

    NFTs remain by definition tokens with a rating specific to each artist and collection. As for the art market, the challenge for PancakeSwap remains to popularize its NFTs, its collections and its artists, while keeping control of the price as much as possible.

    Traders must be able to make profits, just as the site must avoid volatility which would be a loss of credibility, but also a brake on volumes and purchases. A complex issue for a market that is still almost virgin on the BSC. The long term seems to be an issue here for many. The short term, on the other hand, will be very speculative and will in no way guarantee successes or disappointments.

    Image Source PancakeSwap

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