10% won for Solana on Thursday🌞

    Very good performance from Solana (SOL) this Thursday. The ultra-scalable cryptocurrency explodes the scores with 10% won. In front of Bitcoin, there is a slight drop (-0.34%) when many altcoins are still hesitating, zoom.


    It is a day as exceptional as it is rare for the Solana which takes more than 10% this Thursday. Cryptocurrency stands out as one of the big winners of recent sessions with more than 26% taken this week.

    An incredible advance that echoes the protocols of the currency. Scalable, designed for global adoption, the Solana ensures intercompatibility between the various systems, something that allows it today to be supported by many investors.

    At more than 123 dollars per Coin πŸš€

    While Bitcoin dipped slightly at the start of the day with a 0.33% loss, the Solana once again demonstrated its potential. The currency passes the 123 dollars per coin when other coins do not arrive there.

    By comparison, Binance Coin (BNB) gained 1.88%, Ethereum (EHT) only 0.18% and Ripple (XRP) barely 0.09% today. The Cardano (ADA) advanced by 2.06% when the Terra took 1.59%. Only Avalanche (AVAX) prevailed today with an increase of 6.62% for a price of almost 100 dollars per coin (99.23 dollars).

    Suffice to say that Solana remains one of the most highly rated cryptocurrencies in the top 10 of the largest capitalizations, with investors massively supporting the currency. Its protocol is also beginning to emerge in the field of NFTs , something that could quickly secure it a place among the top 5 largest capitalizations, ahead of Ripple and Cardano.

    Image source Solana (SOL) 🎯

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    Lucas Jackson
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