Bitcoin explodes and hits $ 46,500 πŸ”₯


    Very good progress for the Bitcoin (BTC) πŸ”₯Β the cryptocurrency progresses of 4.18% at 24 hours to pass the 46,500 dollars of the coin with a total trade volume of about 32%.

    Many altcoins follow the movement at 24h. Ethereum (ETH) πŸ”₯ gains 4.22% for a price of 3338.80 dollars. Binance Coin (BNB) πŸ”₯ gains 1.61% to reach the $400 ($402.59).

    Good news also for the Ripple (XRP) πŸ”₯ which gained 1.91% and reached 1.07381 dollars. The Solana (SOL) stagnates and takes only 0.20% to pass the 160 dollars of the coin. The Doge (DOGE) πŸ”₯ takes 1.22% for a price of 0.23805 dollars.

    Good progress in the top 10 of capitalizations with some disappointments, however. Cardano (ADA) ❄️ loses 0.34% at 24 hours. The Terra (LUNA) ❄️ loses 1.74% at 24 hours and remains in 11th place. Further on, Algorand (ALGO) ❄️ loses 1.39% at 24 hours for a price of 2.0953 dollars of the coin.

    The KickToken and the Mina on fire πŸ”₯

    Bitcoin BUSD september 2021 New York Bitstamp
    Bitcoin explodes and hits $ 46,500 πŸ”₯

    Very big advances were to be noted onΒ Tuesday September 14 2021. The KickToken (KICK) πŸ”₯ gains 24% today for a price of 0.012399 dollars. Progress of more than 8710% this week for the KICK which more than ever attracts envy.

    Good news also on the side of Celo (CELO) πŸ”₯ which gained 15.36% today. The Mina (MINA) πŸ”₯ also exploded with 21.15% taken at 24 hours for 61.30% won by the week.

    The Icon (ICX) πŸ”₯ also wins points with a price that takes 17.82% at 24 hours and reaches 1.93595 dollars.

    We will note some severe falls however: the Fantom (FTM) ❄️ loses 6.18% at 24 hours and 29.33% this week. The Harmony (ONE) ❄️ drops 8.05% at 24 hours but gains 14.95% this week. The Polymath (POLY) ❄️ drops 8.20% for 10.40% lost this week.

    In short, a Tuesday September 14 2021 placed under the sign of optimism with majority increases and some severe corrections for coins and tokens which had performed well in recent days.

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