Jack Dorsey’s first tweet might now fetch just under $14,000 πŸ’€

    An NFT of the first tweet ever to be posted on Twitter struggled to attract bidders on Thursday, with the highest offer so far being less than 10% of the purchase price – a year after it was bought for $2.9 million.


    The CEO of Malaysia-based blockchain company Bridge Oracle, Sina Estavi paid $2.9 million last March for the NFT, a digital certificate that says he owns Mr. Dorsey’s tweet, which reads β€œjust setting up my twttr.” Shortly after the purchase, Mr. Estavi tweeted: β€œThis is not just a tweet! I think years later people will realize the true value of this tweet, like the Mona Lisa painting.” Over a year later, Mr. Estavi put the NFT up for auction. He listed it on the Opensea, an NFT marketplace last week, expecting it to fetch at least $50 million.

    He pledged to donate 50% of the proceeds to GiveDirectly, a charity that allows people to send money directly to other people with no conditions on how the funds are to be spent. On Friday evening, a day after Elon Musk made an offer to acquire Twitter for $43 billion the highest bid was only about $13,940, according to Opensea.

    Mr. Estavi said he was now rethinking the sale of the tweet πŸ‘€

    The low bids is coming at a time when the NFT market slowing down. According to CryptoSlam Inc., a site that aggregates NFT data Global monthly sales of NFTs totalled almost $5 billion last year August. In March, NFT sales were down to $2.4 billion. Jack Dorsey had initially sold his first tweet as an NFT on Ether. When Estavi announced the resale on Twitter, Jack replied to it and said β€œWhy not 99% of it?”. It is noted that Jack donated all of the money he received from the sale of the tweet.

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